As many of you know, Calvary's Hill Quartet has been praying and searching for a full-time lead singer for almost 18 months. We were fortunate to have both John Snodgrass ( who drove from WV to get on the bus) and Michael Daughtey who alternated weekends to keep Calvary's Hill on the road.  We thank the good Lord for sending them to us and their willingness to serve Him. 

We are please to announce that  the Lord has sent us  our new lead singer!!!  Josh Everette, from Falkland, NC, who comes from a family of gospel singers has joined us and has even put down 16 vocal tracks on our new CD, to be released very soon. We invite you to come by and listen to this fine young man who will be a valued assett to CHQ.

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Love offerings usually only cover about one half of our expenses (fuel and food) even though the guys rarely take a check.  Calvary's Hill Quartet, Inc is a 501 (c) 3 corp and as such, any donations should be tax deductible .  Any gift no matter how small would be appreciated.  Gifts of $50 or more or when requested will receive a donation letter for tax purposes at the end of the year.  May God bless you.